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Soccer 8-13

Soccer ages 8-10, 10-13 rules

These age groups play full field. These rules will be adhered to throughout both the regular and play-off games. Efforts have been made to balance the team by gender, age and skill level.

1. There will be one (1) referee on the field. The referee’s call is final.

2. Coaches are not permitted on the field during the game.

3. All players must wear shin guards while on the field. This will be strictly enforced.

4. Cleats are not required, but encouraged. Cleats/running shoes must be tied tightly and properly.

5. Each team must have a minimum of seven (7) players in order for the game to commence. The referee will allow a fifteen (15) minute grace period, after which the game will be called. The team at full strength will be awarded a default win.

6. If neither team has the required number, coaches may agree to play with the available players, reschedule the game or declare a tie

7. Each half will be 30 minutes in duration, with a 5 minutes break between. Teams will exchange ends following the break. An appropriate amount of time will be added to the end of each half to account for injuries and other delays

8. Maximum of nine (9) players per team on the field at any one time.

9. Balls out along the sideline will result in a throw-in by the team not responsible for the out of bounds. Proper throw-in form must be practiced. Foul Throw-ins will result in a throw in for the other team.
Proper throw-in form – with all parts of both feet on the ground, from either on or behind the sideline, both hands must be on the ball, thrown straight and from behind the head and land in bounds. The thrower cannot be the first to touch the ball after it is in play.

10. Balls out at the end will result in
i) a goalie kick, if kicked out by the advancing (offensive) team, or
ii) a corner kick by an offensive player, if kicked out by the defending team.

11. Hand balls are not permitted. The ‘hand’ includes the entire arm and hand. The team not charged with the hand ball will be awarded an indirect free kick.

12. Free Kicks – all will be indirect – meaning they must two players prior to a goal

13. Although we will not be introducing the ‘Card’ System of the Official Ontario Soccer rules, dangerous play will not be tolerated. The team not charged with dangerous play will be awarded at free kick.

14. There will be no penalty kicks.

15. The offside rule as defined below will apply.

offside position

Please note: It is not an offence in itself to be in an offside position.

A player is in an offside position if…

He/she is nearer to his/her opponents goal line than both the ball & the second last opponent

A player is not in an offside position if…

• He/she is in his own half of the field of play, or
• He/she is level with the second last opponent, or
• He/she is level with the last two opponents


A player in an offside position, is only penalized if at the moment the ball touches or is played by one of his team he/she is, in the opinion of the referee, involved in active play by;

• Interfering with play, or
• Interfering with an opponent, or
• Gaining an advantage by being in that position

16. The referee is responsible for keeping the score: completing score card, obtaining verification initials of both coaches and submitting results to Park Monitor.

All coaches, players, parents/guardians are reminded that we are here to have fun, exhibit good sportsmanship and a positive attitude.

April 2008

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